The following documentation is available for admin users:

  1. DH Press Definitions and Terms
  2. WordPress and DH Press
    • DH Press Overview
    • Harnessing the Power of WP
    • Installing the Beta Plugin
    • Extending Your Project Site
    • Updating, Previewing, Quick Edits, and Publishing
  3. Data Documentation
    • Terms and Definitions
    • Creating Data
    • Formatting Data for DH Press
    • Importing Data into DH Press
    • Bulk Actions
    • Managing Individual Data Points
  4. Project Settings and Configuration (see also Project Creation Workflow)
    • Creating a New Project
    • Project Configuration: Motes
    • Map Library
    • Project Configuration: Entry Points
    • Project Configuration: Legends
    • Project Configuration: Views (Main, Modal, Post)
    • Publishing Your Project
    • User-Generated Content
    • Project Settings Verification/Checklist
  5. FAQ and Troubleshooting

We also have a few Sample Data Sets available for you to download, format, and play with in DH Press.

And look for short demo videos to come online soon.